A CURRICULUM in Ship Synthesis

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A Curriculum in Ship Synthesis

Components of such a curriculum:

Design 1000 - Engineering design for any engineering discipline. The difference between synthesis and analysis. Tackling a simplified design problem

NAME 3171 - Elements of Marine Design. Revised from the current "computers in marine design" focus with emphasis instead up setting up the design process, dependencies / loops, etc.

NAME 6177 - Applying innovation algorithms in ship design

Plan of action (24month):

12/12 - 6/13: Develop three courses as above

8/13 - 12/13: Teach the three courses. Develop brief out. Develop specific recommendations for revision of courses

1/14 - 6/14: Revise course contents. Package course materials for internet distribution to NEEC.

8/14 - 12/14: Teach the revised courses. Report improvements / lessons learned. Revise internet package.

Consider proposing this as an FY12 project - i.e. next year.

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