Automotive Bling

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Automotive Bling

Are you familiar with the "Sky Liner?" If not, go here and then come back: (

Skyliner is a toy that you twirl above your head, and a tiny array of flashing LEDs writes the message of your choice in the air.

So here's the Bling:

Replace the battery of a Sky Liner with a tiny dynamo that is powered by the twirling. This means that the LEDs will be 'off' if the sky liner is not spinning, saving power.

Now build this dynamo-powered Sky Liner into one of those spinning automotive hub caps. Ballast the hub cap so that it maintains an orientation "up" always. When the car comes up to speed, the hubcap will be spinning relative to the car, the dynamo will put out power, the LEDs will light...and you hubcaps will say "Look at me Baby"...or other message of your choice.

Useless Bling? Absolutely. But why not?

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