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Proposed standardized topics for NAME staff meetings:


Beginning of Each Fall Term

Wrap-up of previous year

  • Faculty & Staff provide Annual CV update
  • Faculty & Staff deliver previous-year publications to NAME Library
  • Staff update UNO NAME publications catalog

Planning of coming year

  • First of term "Prospective" briefings on all Fall Term courses
  • Report on planned research activities
  • Conference attendance plans for Year
  • Remind to advise students of NREIP opportunity
  • Remind to advise students of ASNE & SNAME Scholarship opportunities
  • Alumni activities plan for coming year
  • IAB Plans for coming year
  • Annual Strategic Plan Revision for coming year
  • Hiring Plan for coming year
  • Capital purchase plan for coming year
  • Hardware / Software plan for coming year
  • Plan UNO NAME participation in next summer's ONR summer faculty program

During Fall Term

  • Schedule for Spring Term

Christmas Break

  • End of term "Retrospective" briefings for Fall term courses
  • Start of term "Prospective" briefings for Spring term courses
  • Conference attendance plans for coming Term
  • Review known student NREIP applications
  • Review known student SNAME / ASNE scholarship applications
  • Designation of attendees for NEEC conference

During Spring Term

  • Scholarship selections
  • Schedule for Fall Term

End of Spring Term

  • Course retrospective for Spring
  • Research retrospective for Spring
  • Designation of attendees for NREIP Brief-Out (August)
  • Summer plans (Research & Conference)
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