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A roadmap of the naval engineering profession. This includes a discussion of the profession as it exists today, a forecast of some future evolutionary pathways, and a discussion of the suggested educational bases for these pathways.

THe purpose of this study is twofold:

First, it will address a perceptiuon that naval engineering is a very narrow field. Significant numbers of people do not understand that a naval engineering foundation can lead to a career in law, business administration, or even labor relations, as well as the more obvious career in ship design and ship building.

But perhaps more importantly this study will provide importat design requirements to educations in undergraduate and graduate curricula. By making explicit the variety of future that are built upon a NE Foundation it is possible to better engineer that foundation to support those futures.

At the time of this proposal writing it is not possible to know the detailed outcome of the study, but we do have some initial expectations.

We expect that this study will outline a proposed curriculum component in design process and design process management, including the following elements:

Design Process:

  • Linear process: The Design Spiral
  • Optimized / Quasi-linear process: DSM
  • Simultaneous design space explorations: Set-based design

Appropriateness of level of design fidelity to purpose of design phase

  • Detailed tools in Detail Design
  • Selection of appropriate tool in Preliminary Design
  • Role of VSMs in requirements elucidation
  • Role of metrics-based investigations, e.g. Transport Factor

Management of the Design Process

  • Project Management

Knowledge Management in Ship Design

  • Technical Communities of Practice
  • Communication with Requirements Community
  • Managing the growing (deluge) of information

GRAPHIC: Overlapping circles:

  • Project Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Design models: Spiral, DSM, etc.
  • Ship Sciences
  • Formalized Invention

Elements to include (somewhere)

  • Project cost estimating
  • Ship cost estimating
  • Defense Acquisition Management training?

Obstacle: Perception that NAME is a narrow field.

-ships and shipping, past, present, future _ ship design past present,future _ NAME careers past, present, future _ types of ships -Scientific foundation of NA&ME -why calculus? -Engineering is modeling -Goals: ship knowledge -Thirst for the coming curriculum, incl MATH


  • Law
  • Rulemaking
  • Ship Science
  • Ship Integration / Design
  • Ship Building
  • Ship Operation
  • Ship life cycle support
  • Ship Management
  • Weapon System Engineering ==> Payload Engineering
  • Does Not include Human Engineering? (Not sure why my note says that, but I type it in place anyway.)



  • Ship Owner
  • Ship Builder
  • Ship Operator
  • Regulator - Class Society
  • Regulator - Flag / Port State
  • Mission System

Adv Degrees:

  • MSE Hydro
  • MSE Dynamics
  • MSE Structures
  • MSE Design
  • MBA
  • Law

Foundation Degrees

    • Hydro
    • Ship Dynamics
    • Ship Structures
    • Design Integration
      • Material Science
      • Statics
      • Dynamics
        • Math
        • Physics
        • Chemistry
        • Biology


Meet with professionals in the field to get career maps past / present / future

Collect existing educational pathways / curricula:

  • NEEC members
  • TUDelft
  • NTNU
  • France?

Naval Relevance:

NAS Recommendations 4, 5, 3, 9, & 17

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