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My personal career goals, in high level 'vision' terms, and not restricted to reality.

I enjoyed my work as a Naval Architect, but now I feel that I want to slow down in some way and spend more time sailing, cruising, traveling...separate myself from the 40 hour per week model.

In our culture this is called "retirement" so I retired from my position with Alion. But I can't afford a "real" retirement, so I pursued some part time activities, and in the course of this I made an important discovery: I love teaching. I enjoy working with undergraduates. I enjoy posing interesting questions and listening to interesting answers - even the ones that are demonstrably naive or impossible.

Indeed, I have so much enjoyed teaching that I am very close to creating a new career as a Professor.

1. Complete my Ph.D.

2. Secure a position as a full-time member of COE faculty

3. Be a foundation upon which UNO NAME can build a specialization in Design

a. Incl. Teach U/G, Grad

b. Incl. Liaison / cross-listing with other COE & MANG

c. Incl. Liaison with Degense Acquisition Professional training.

4. Be a conduit for increasing UNO connectivity to the Naval Engineering community

a. Incl. CISD

b. Incl. Carderock

c. Incl. NAVSEA

d. Incl. NEEC

e. Incl. NPS (Naval officers as UNO Grad students)

5. Be an idea-generator to continue research in advanced vehicle concepts

6. Create a world-leading curriculum in Ship Environmental Impact

7. Develop innovative zero-impact ship concepts

Old: 2011

But the problem with that it is that it is, in fact, a new career: What happened to being "retired?" <smile>

So why not combine the two? Why not combine the intellectual simulation of being a teacher, the moral goodness of giving back (via teaching) to a profession that has been very good to me, and the "re-charging" pleasure that comes from several months on my boat? I think that it should indeed be possible to combine these very simply, by creating a position as a one-term-per-year Professor.

I would like to be a full-time professor at UNO, for the Spring term only each year. A full-time professor teaches four courses, which in my case would logically be:

  • NAME 4177 - Advanced Marine Vehicles
  • NAME 3171 - Marine Design Methods
  • A new course on Ship Environmental Impact
  • A new course on Methods for Innovation in Marine Design

During summers I would live aboard and travel, but I can't turn my mind off, so I am sure that I would improve courses, create new courses, take on seminar and consulting projects, and so forth. My portfolio would the be:

  • A teacher of creativity (e.g. Design and AMVs) at the u/g level
  • A teacher of how to be innovative, generally, at the graduate level
  • A subject matter expert for marine innovations
  • An evaluator of marine innovations for government and commercial entities
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